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GlobalWater Pump Controller
GlobalWater Pump Controller

Water Pump Controller
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PUMP OFF/ ON Pump OFF Indicator / Power Supply ON switch.
MAIN Power Supply Show Indicator.
POWER SUPPLY 220V AC ±10%, 50 Hz.
PUMP ON Pump ON Indicator.
MODE (1) Auto Mode. (2) Manual Mode.
SIZE & MOUNTING 140x160mm. & Panel Mounted.
You start the pump, but often forget to switch it off, resulting in overflow wastage of both electricity and water, in addition to messing up of surroundings, and damaging walls and roof. Tripper switches off the pump automatically, when the tank is full. To provide automatic control to water pump. Starts the pump when level in the overhead(Destination) tank is low and switches it off when the tank is full. This is suitable where the source of water is unlimited. The controller switches on the pump as soon as water level reaches a certain depth and switches off the pump when the water level is low enough. There are sensors detecting high water level and the low water level.
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